Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering aims at uncovering a piece of software or hardware from it’s executable(s) form with the goal of understanding it’s inner workings, and potentially it’s source code. This usually occurs when source code is no longer available or when assessing a closed-source project in compiled form. Reverse Engineering especially helps to assess the robustness of software or hardware within so-called black-box engagements which evaluate how easily an attacker identifies vulnerabilities without prior knowledge of the product or access to the source code.

At RootSys, we are capable of reverse engineering modern applications compiled for the following architectures: x86, arm, arm64 and MIPS. The combination of static reverse engineering and further techniques such as dynamic binary instrumentation make it possible to reveal vulnerabilities and explore the important code areas handling the security of your application.

At the end of the reverse engineering service, RootSys provides a technical report explaining the identified vulnerabilities along with a severity rating according to industry standards.