Penetration Testing

A very important step towards identifying and securing your system is the execution of a penetration test. A penetration test simulates a real-world attack scenario, aiming to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses within a system, an application or an infrastructure in order to reveal serious security issues before a real-world attacker does. RootSys offers penetration tests for modern applications of any kind, including classical Web applications or Mobile apps running on iOS as well as Android. Furthermore, we assist our clients with the initial scoping, including threat modelling and the identification of the potential attack surface, the definition of a suitable test depth and most likely attack vectors, as well as guidance on choosing the testing approach: white-, gray- or black-box.

Through the combination of manual testing and code reviews but also industry standard testing tools, RootSys aims to achieve the highest testing coverage possible.

At the end of every penetration test, we deliver a technical report including all identified vulnerabilities along with a severity rating according to industry standards. Upon request, we can provide an exemplary anonymized penetration test report to give a feeling about the high quality standard we aim for.