RootSys GmbH provides high quality cyber security services by professional and experienced consultants for various companies around the world. We offer a wide range of services and are open for collaborations with strong partners.

Penetration Testing

Ranging from Web applications, mobile applications, networking devices or penetration tests against IoT devices / platforms.

Vulnerability Research, Reverse Engineering

RootSys GmbH consultants / engineers are capable of driving and executing vulnerability research tailored to customers needs, which also includes the reverse engineering progress of closed source targets (hardware and software).

Generic Security Consulting

This service includes generic Cyber Security Consulting services ranging from Threat Modelling to System Hardening, awareness training or assisting companies in designing a robust and secure architecture for their product.

Further Services / Capabilities

Source Code Audits RootSys consultants are fluent auditing large codebases written in C, C++, Object-C, Java, PHP, Javascript and many other programming languages.
Incident Response / Forensics In case of system breaches or incidents, RootSys GmbH provides the right tools and techniques to recover artefacts, determine the root cause of an incident and provides recommendations / mitigations that should be applied for the future.
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